Energy Efficient

Energy saving globes are now readily available.  Saving up to 90% power when compared to original incandescent globes.  Care should be taken when selecting your globe. There is a colour you would choose for relaxation and another you would use for reading. When integrating types of light, some may appear either white or yellow. With advice you can obtain a globe that will provide the type of light you require.

Community awareness of the need to cut greenhouse gas and become more environmentally friendly has seen more development in the fittings available that are built to save energy and money. Downlights are available in a variety of forms that are energy efficient.

They do not suit every application. Check with your lighting specialist for the situation that provides the best outcome for you.

It is possible in a variety of cases to turn your current fitting into an energy efficient one. There are also a range of fittings available purposely built for energy saving. The range is constantly growing to meet the demand of the energy conscious home owner and business operator.

Moonlight Lighting is pleased to be a distributor of the ‘brightgreen’ LED downlight.

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